General Information


The Linguistics Society of Bangladesh Organizes Bangladesh Linguistics Olympiad (BOL) every year. The first Bangladesh Linguistics Olympiad was organized in the year 2014 and winners from that Olympiad joined the 13th International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) 2015 held in American University of Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.  Bangladesh Linguistics Olympiad generally held in the month of October and November every year. Students aged between 14 – 19  from High School to Intermediate level are eligible to participate in the Olympiad.  Generally winners from the divisional level will get the chance to participate in the National Level and the National Level winners will in the participate in the International Level. 10 Students will be selected from the National level Olympiad and after being scrutinizing through a 10 day camp 4 students are selected for International Linguistics Okympiad.


What Is the Linguistics Olympiad?

The Linguistics Olympiad is for the students of schools for secondary and Higher Secondary education in solving, individually and in teams, self-sufficient linguistic problems. The competition requires no special knowledge, only familiarity with such fundamental concepts from the study of language and languages as are typically present in school curricula, as well as general culture and logical thought. Problems can be related to all branches of linguistics, including phonology,morphology, syntax, semantics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, pragmatics, formal methods, corpus linguistics, etc.


Official Languages

The Official language will be Bangla   & English, Students from Bangla Medium School will use Bangla Language and the English Medium students will use English Language. The problems in the International Linguistics Olympiad will also be in Bangla & English.


How to Participate

Every Year Registration starts from 1st September and ends 30th September the Qualifying round and national round  are organized in October and November.

Interested students can register through online registration form and also can email us to or can contact to the Divisional Coordinators. Phone numbers of the divisional Coordinators are given on the website.


Selection Process
Winners from Qualifying Round will be selected for the National round and finally four students from the national round will be selected for international round.